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Why designers love Herringbone Floor

Hottest Interior Trend 2022

Dated back to the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt, Herringbone is one of the most iconic patterns for Parquet flooring. Its beauty has truly withstood the change of times. The overwhelming royal decoration might be history, the design aesthetic of herringbone pattern has been pursuit evermore by designers across different schools. The reason is simple: this magic pattern has always been associated with highly skilled artisan. Representing class & luxury, Herringbone instantly adds an upscale look to any type of interiors.

Especially as LVT flooring segment continues to thrive, herringbone is becoming more and more accessible for the market. Thanks to the creative nature of LVT, we now can also experiment Herringbone coming with the wildest pattern you can ever imagine. What’s behind this trend is a desire to bring in natural looks and materials that have a sense of tradition. Mixing old with new and modern with traditional is a way to create a space with character.


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